Project Management

Bidding, Procurement, and Pre-construction:
ACROW Misr prides itself on its stellar reputation and years of expertise in managing major industrial projects from A to Z. ACROW Misr provides project analysis services, including resource allocation studies, formwork planning, and formwork customization proposals. ACROW’s Misr team is an expert in providing the necessary documentation for tenders, including preliminary formwork technical proposals and preliminary quotations.

Construction Phase:
Once the construction phase starts, ACROW Misr continues to provide its services, from formwork consultation to a delivery schedule rooted in years of experience and thorough expertise in the construction industry. During construction, Acrow Misr provides project on-site assembly coordination services, supervision, and technical support. The company relies on its well-trained team to handle complex projects that require a vigilant project management approach with an eye for detail.

Post-construction Phase:
The company continues providing services even after a project is concluded by offering reconditioning, repair, and redesign services. Acrow Misr also manages the project logistics, ensuring a smooth and safe operation from warehouse to construction site.