Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Reaching out into the community through initiatives, environmental protection and internships for young Egyptians wishing to learn more about how they can build their careers by working constructively towards Egypt’s future, ACROW supports its ethos through a robust CSR platform. Leading Egyptian universities regularly send delegations to attend orientation sessions about formwork, the factory and the company, giving them insight into the valuable career opportunities offered within this important industry.

CSR – The Big Picture
Looking beyond its profits and business goals, ACROW sees community engagement and involvement as the path towards sustainable development for society, the environment and its stakeholders. Consistent with its corporate policy, the company extends this perspective to its own workplace, upholding a platform of social inclusion and workplace equality. Taking a holistic approach, employees are provided with a Day Care Center for babies, in addition to generous family medical benefits, reflecting the value the company places on the welfare of its workforce.

Protecting the Team
Importantly, ACROW's CSR policy embraces clearly defined standards for workplace safety, reducing any likelihood of occupational hazards and health issues caused by excess noise, light or heat. Working towards ISO certification is a goal for the company, something that will be a tangible acknowledgment of the comprehensive steps that ACROW has taken to play a positive role, within its company and in the community, it is a part of.

Supporting the New Generation with Paid Internships
In support of the new generation who will be driving the country forward, ACROW offers fully paid internships for young candidates who work alongside experienced engineers, gaining the knowledge and experience they need to kick start productive careers. Trainees who show acumen and enthusiasm are often offered jobs within the company, giving them the opportunity to progress in an exciting industry with unlimited potential.
For ACROW, CSR means more than just lip service. It is a commitment to its team, the community, the environment and the future.