ECO-Form Panel Systems

System Description :

ECO-Form Panel System is an innovative system in which panels and accessories are suitable for quickly and economically framing any vertical concrete shape in buildings. The lightness and high-quality materials of the ECO-Form System allow for either manual or crane handling to achieve extraordinary performance.

These New materials and technical innovations are used to achieve the system’s optimum balance between lightness and strength. Due to these sturdy, light, and handy elements, the system has become the best solution for foundations, cellar tanks, low retaining walls, parapets, and small areas.

System Application :

  • Foundations
  • One-sided walls
  • Double-sided walls
  • Shear walls
  • Core walls
  • Column

Features :






Heavy Duty


Time saver

  • Variable panel sizes to suit different structures with different shapes
  • (Walls, Columns & foundations).
  • Self-aligning accessories that reduce both the erection times and cost.
  • High-quality 15mm finishing plywood that enables more than 70 times
    as sheeting.
  • Superb quality powder coating finish provides the system with a unique protection level, resulting in a longer lifespan.

Advantages :

  • Innovative system which allows for either manual or crane handling, resulting in an extraordinary performance.
  • Having a range of panels and accessories for quick and economical forming of any vertical concrete structure in the buildings.
  • Optimum balance between both the lightness and the strength.
  • Optimized solution for foundations, cellar tanks, low retaining walls, parapets, and small areas.
  • The possibility of extending the panels like a “building set” upright or sideway makes it flexible and easier to use on high walls.
  • Could be used for columns up to 60 x 60 cm ECO-Form system.
  • Manhandling panels can reduce the crane time to form economic small areas or foundations.

System Main Components :

  1. Tailored Steel Panels
  2. Connecting parts
  3. Tilting items
  4. Access brackets (working & concreting
  5. Heavy-duty brackets & Anchor, steel cones
    (In case of multiple vertical cast)
  6. ACROW staircase, scaffolding towers, ladders safety cages
  7. Tying items with ladder

System Capacity :

Permissible concrete pressure is 60 KN/m² for columns and 45 KN/m² for walls.

Technical Data :