Making Bridges & Tunnels Possible

Building With an Expert

We excel at customizing formwork solutions for all kinds of infrastructure projects. We engineer and provide the perfect formwork solutions for your project to provide a one-of-a-kind construction experience and create its unique design. Our true expertise is proven with a remarkable track record of mega Infrastructure projects over more than 40 years across the globe.

If you have ever been in a Tunnel or Bridge in Doha, Dubai, or even in the Gulf, you probably were in a structure made possible by ACROW.
We are the ones that make the most daunting designs, possible in real life.

The Most On-Demand Solutions

Large-scale Infrastructure projects will most likely require the following systems, if not a tailored mix of them. We excel at them all:

Thanks to our streamlined service process, we’ll provide you with a technical plan specific to your project, before you have to start spending your budget. Professionalism relies upon proper planning.