The Factory

In 1977, as Egypt sat poised on the brink of a new surge in construction, ACROW UK founded a local subsidiary in Wadi Houf, Helwan, through a strategic partnership with leading Egyptian companies already established in the field, to manufacture ACROW formwork and scaffolding products to stringent British standards.
Ideally located within easy access to all points of Greater Cairo, the initial factory has since seen considerable expansion over the years in line with the growth of the company, with the addition of several more factories on the land acquired by ACROW in the Helwan area expanding the range and boosting production capacity. By staying abreast of market trends and industry requirements, ACROW has effectively secured its position as a vital field leader.

The investment in our factory is as follows:

  • Around 40Mn in 2019
  • 20Mn in 2020
  • 15Mn in 2021 and 2022
  • 15Mn in 2017 and 2018
  • 60Mn between 2010 and 2015
  • The total machines worth 170Mn

Production Facilities

Each stage of a construction project encompasses a wide range of processes involving specific materials at different finishing levels. This ranges from welding and assembly to specialized surface treatments. ACROW applies its years of experience, sound knowledge, and expertise in the latest technology to offer a broad range of formwork and scaffolding products that meet the needs of all stages and sizes of projects.

Welding and Assembly
When stability and strength are pre-requisite, ACROW delivers. One of the most critical phases in the construction process, attention to detail and adherence to strict safety measures in the welding and assembly processes ensures that all work is according to highly controlled, exacting standards and meets all testing protocols.

Surface Treatment
Surfaces are subject to a constant barrage of elements, from sunlight to rain, from dust to pollutants. Aligning with client requirements and ranging through paint, powder coating, and galvanization, surface treatments applied by ACROW are slip-proof, waterproof, fire, heat, and corrosion-resistant, with the ability to support constant foot traffic and heavy equipment. ACROW embraces this in its meticulous interior and exterior surface treatments for all types of builds.


Production capacity

Currently turning out 3000 tons of products per year, ACROW is on a steady growth trajectory that stays aligned with the country’s robust construction goals.


Factory staff

Employing 436 Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment and manufacturing team members, encompassing engineers and workers, ACROW is a leading industry player.


Global Technology

Tapping into the best technology available from around the world, ACROW seeks out the latest in American, British, Bulgarian, German, Indian, Polish, Italian, Russian, and Turkish systems and equipment to maintain its edge in a thriving market.