ACROW Cup Lock System

System Description :

ACROW Cup Lock is one of the most widely used painted modular steel shoring systems in construction.

It is a complete system that provides access scaffolding and formwork slab support, which can be used for light and heavy slabs constructions.

System Application :

  • Slabs system
  • Access scaffolding
  • Access staircases
  • Suspended scaffolding

Features :


Cost Effective


Multi Purpose




Highly Worked


Time saver

Advantages :

  • Used for both scaffolding and shoring systems.
  • The system is rapidly erected and dismantled using the interlocking components which are rigidly secured
    with two cups.
  • Due to the lightness of the system components, it can be easily handled by one man.
  • Ledgers are non-load bearing and can therefore be assembled at handrail height on external faces of independent scaffolding, thus offering the additional safety of handrails at all working levels.

System Main Components :

  • Verticals (Standards)
  • Horizontals (ledgers)
  • Diagonals, plain braces
  • Upper & Lower jacks
  • Scaffolding accessories,Steel planks, LVL, ladders, transoms, toe boards (Scaffolding accessories)

Technical Data :

  • working load: up to 70KN, according to braced length & restrained directions.
  • Vertical standard range: From 0.5 to 3m, with 0.5m increment, 48.3mm diameter standards with high-grade steel standards ST.52, which is equivalent to grade S355 in Euro and British standards.
  • Ledger range: From 0.6 to 3.0m, width 0.3m increment.
  • Adjustment range: Screw jacks up to 40cm.